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IBS Designs, Installs & Supports Fire Systems with Farenhyt Products

IBS Electronics and Security is pleased to participate in the Farenhyt / Silent Knight by Honeywell authorized dealer program in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine to offer the very best security system integration services to our commercial clients.

The Honeywell Farenhyt Series is an end-to-end fire solution that provides power, control, and choice. From protecting the top floor of a building to protecting your bottom line, the Farenhyt Series leads with innovative and feature-rich products that are also affordable.

The Farenhyt Series is functional and flexible, which is why it is often found in educational institutions, health care facilities, commercial complexes, retail spaces, and government buildings around the world.

As an authorized dealer / distributor of Farenhyt Products, IBS Electronics & Security is in a unique position to provide for every fire alarm & emergency system design, installation and support requirement for buildings throughout New England including Springfield and Boston MA.

To learn more about Farenhyt, please visit their website.

Featured System: Addressable Fire Alarm Panels

Honeywell Farenhyt Series addressable fire alarm control panels offer advanced fire protection by intelligently connecting devices in a central panel to quickly and precisely detect fire. Ideal for upgrades, retrofits or new construction, Farenhyt Series addressable fire panels are easy to install, operate and maintain.


Featured System: Emergency Communication Systems

In an emergency, every second matters.  With a Honeywell Farenhyt Series Emergency Communications System (ECS) from IBS Electronics & Security, emergency communications and fire detection are seamlessly integrated into a single, efficient system. Through voice integration, the Farenhyt ECS keep occupants informed of both fire and non-fire emergencies with real time information that will direct them to safety.  The highly reliable, combined system simplifies installation, operation, programming and training and lowers installation and operating costs.

Not all projects have the same needs, so IBS offers multiple systems designed with flexibility in mind to help keep your buildings and their inhabitants safe.

Applications Across Many Industries

IBS Electronics & Security secures buildings across the Northeast, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine & New Hampshire. 


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