Many people question why they should pay for someone to design and install a security system when they can DIY it. While it costs a little more to have a system professionally installed, it’s one of the best investments you can make in your home. Connected security cameras are a much more effective security solution than those you install yourself.

Burglars Beware

Burglars don’t like security cameras and try to avoid them at any cost. A North Carolina study on incarcerated burglars reported that the majority of burglars consider if their target has surveillance equipment or cameras as well as alarms. After they consider those factors, they look at whether the residents are home or not. Many of these burglars said that they would pick another target if they noticed security cameras at their first one.

Not All Security Cameras are Alike

Truly connected security cameras can do so much more than other security cameras. True security cameras fully connect to a smart home security system. This connection gives them intelligent features that DIY cameras don’t have. Features such as video surveillance easily integrate with your existing security system and increase its ability to protect your home and family.

Get Customized Alerts to Let You Know What’s Going on Whether You’re Home or Away

Only connected cameras allow you to customize video alerts on activity in and around your house. You can set your system to alert you when specific events occur, such as motion on your front porch, checking in on the kids, or when something triggers an alarm.

See What’s Happening in Real-Time

You can only view footage from traditional cameras after an incident. But you want your security to be more proactive. A connected security camera lets you see what’s going on at home any time you want to even when you’re not there. An app on your smartphone allows you to manage your security system and cameras when it’s convenient for you.

Using the app you can:

  • Get an HD 1080p view of what’s happening inside and outside your home.
  • See your property even if it’s dark outside. If you hear a suspicious sound, many smart cameras include infrared night vision that lets you see what’s going on without activating any smart lights.
  • You can zoom in and take a closer look at things around the house. Want to know what tv show the children are watching in the family room? Open up the family room feed on your smartphone and zoom in using your fingers.

These are just a few reasons why connected cameras protect you better than doing it yourself. Contact IBS Electronics & Security today for more information on connected security cameras.

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