You may not know what IP video surveillance is, but you’ve likely heard about it before. People use several names when they refer to IP security cameras such as webcams, internet cameras, or network cameras. However, IP security cameras are a little different than webcams and the other phrases used to describe them. Let’s look at the basics of IP Video Surveillance.

What is IP Video Surveillance?

IP Video surveillance is a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable security solution that works in a variety of applications and for many industries. Like webcams, IP security cameras transmit and receive data over the internet or a network. However, each IP camera on a network is a separate unit with an IP address, unlike webcams. These cameras just need a network connection to transfer images. IP cameras connect to a network like any other standard network device such as a printer, tablet, or laptop.

How Do IP Cameras Work?

Like a digital camera, IP cameras take pictures and then compress the images so it can transmit the files over a network. Businesses can also use IP cameras wirelessly with a Wi-Fi router or with a wired network. The cameras connect to the wired network using an ethernet cable to a router or broadband modem.

Benefits of IP Video Surveillance

One of the best benefits is the ability to view surveillance video from anywhere using the internet on your PC, smartphone, or laptop. Many IP cameras give you the power to operate them remotely.

You can use IP cameras inside and outdoors, day or night. IP cameras allow you to zoom in or pan remotely or use an operator command. These cameras work well for covert and overt security.

IP video surveillance is a flexible solution that simply requires a network connection. You don’t need cables, wired electricity, or a computer station. IP security cameras are easy to move around, so IP video surveillance is the perfect temporary or permanent surveillance solution.

IP cameras are scalable, so your security system grows with your business. It’s an

incredibly economical technology that integrates with your other security equipment. The ability to work these cameras remotely eliminates the need to respond to your facility after hours to review video footage.

For more information on IP video surveillance, contact a professional security integrator to help you create a security plan that works for your unique business.

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