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Automated Risk Assessment

05 08 2020

Automated Risk Assessment for COVID-19 Has Arrived. Here’s How It Works for Your Business

The future of risk assessment is here and just in time to help protect your visitors, vendors, contractors, and employees from threats such as COVID-19. The threat landscape has shifted since the global pandemic, and in response, security companies are beginning to develop automated risk assessment technology to manage your company’s lobby and visitors. Here’s how it works.
Business Man Wearing Mask

05 08 2020

Do Your Building Visitors Have A Temperature? Here’s How To Tell, & Keep Your Employees Safe from COVID-19

The global COVID-19 pandemic has left business owners scrambling to find new and innovative ways to protect their employees, visitors, contractors, and vendors. Some access control technology extends the authentication process to allow companies to use readers to detect body temperature, and face masks as well.
Staying Connected to your Business

04 02 2020

Staying Connected To Your Business During The Age Of Social Distancing

We live in a different world today than we did even two months ago. Social distancing has forced non-essential businesses to close, and many employees of the companies deemed essential are working remotely. Whether you’re working from home or on-site, security technology allows you to limit contact with card readers and alarm keypads as well as monitor your businesses from just about anywhere.
IP Video

03 25 2020

5 Key Factors to Consider When Managing IP Video Bandwidth

IP security cameras are popular choices for businesses that want to monitor the security of their company and manage these systems remotely. They’re a flexible option because each camera has its own IP address making it easy to add additional cameras to your system or move them. But it’s important to manage your bandwidth smartly, or you’ll end up spending more money than you want to.
IP Video Surveillance

03 18 2020

Partial Upgrade Or All In? Which is Better When Upgrading to IP Video?

So, you’ve decided to upgrade to an IP video system, but should you upgrade all at once or install new security cameras over time? Here are some pros and cons to help you decide the best way to upgrade your surveillance system.
Video Verification

03 12 2020

How Video Verification Technology Reduces False Alarms

Does your business have excessive false alarms? False alarms may lead to fines for your business and waste law enforcement resources. But there’s a solution, and that’s video verification. Video verification sends surveillance footage to the monitoring station that handles the alarms for your facility, showing them exactly what caused the alarm.
IP Video Surveillance

03 06 2020

The Ins and Outs of IP Video Surveillance

You may not know what IP video surveillance is, but you’ve likely heard about it before. People use several names when they refer to IP security cameras such as webcams, internet cameras, or network cameras. However, IP security cameras are a little different than webcams and the other phrases used to describe them. Let’s look at the basics of IP Video Surveillance.

02 20 2020

Intelligent Security Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities require different security solutions than other industries. While they need to protect the staff and patients from outside security threats, it’s also vital to monitor the safety of patients and caregivers.

02 10 2020

How Hotels Can Protect Their Guests and Staff with Intelligent Security Solutions

Hotel security is critical to protect the guests and staff on the property. Security systems don’t just add an extra layer of protection; they offer proactive security solutions to keep properties secure and safeguard assets. Here are some vital security components that can help protect the people on your property.

01 28 2020

Why Video Resolution Matters When Choosing an Intelligent Surveillance Solution

Consumerism teaches us to want the most cutting-edge technology available, so it’s no surprise that this carries over to security cameras for your business as well. The most innovative security solutions may be on your list this year, but there’s more to making that decision than the "shiny object" syndrome. The right video surveillance cameras are the ones that work specifically with your building’s infrastructure, and you must consider the total cost of security cameras, including internet and data storage fees.
Bowling ball

01 27 2020

IBS Electronics and Security is Sponsoring the New England Bowling Association

IBS Electronics and Security ( announces their support of the New England Bowling Association (NEBA) by becoming a tournament sponsor. NEBA has a rich 57-year history and is recognized as the longest-running USBC sanctioned monthly scratch tournament.
video-surveillance-for-corporations in massachusetts

01 05 2020

5 Reasons to Go All In On IP Video Surveillance

When you’re ready to upgrade your security cameras to an IP video system, is it advisable to keep any of your analog cameras in place? Consider these pro and con factors, as they may inform your decision on upgrading to IP video surveillance. 
Shopping for Smart Home

12 19 2019

The Essential Features to Look for When Shopping for Smart Home Security This Christmas

If you’re shopping for smart home security this Christmas, make sure you’re intelligent about the essentials you need as you evaluate security products to buy. There are certain security features necessary to protect your home and family.

12 05 2019

Why Your Business Needs An Access Control Upgrade Today

Enterprises are converting their traditional door locks en masse, replacing them with electronic access control systems that give their employees and other approved occupants keyless entry. It’s one of the best ways to bring a facility up to current standards – not to mention that it just makes good business sense. Here’s more information on the advantages of access control.
Smart Home Gifts

11 27 2019

What Do You Get for The Smart Homeowners Who Already Have Everything?

Christmas is fast approaching, and you don’t know what to get your sister and her husband, who already have a smart home security system. How about new smart devices that let them interact differently with their system. Here are three fun and useful intelligent devices that change the way people interact with their home and security technology.
Thanksgiving Kitchen Safety Tips

11 19 2019

The Best Kitchen Safety Tips to Keep Your Thanksgiving From Going Up in Flames

Every year there are 2.3 times more fires on Thanksgiving Day than any other day of the year. Seventy-seven percent of those fires originate from cooking. We’ve got some kitchen safety tips to prevent a fire from ruining your Thanksgiving dinner.

11 18 2019

What Makes A Connected Smart Home Camera Better Than DIY

Many people question why they should pay for someone to design and install a security system when they can DIY it. While it costs a little more to have a system professionally installed, it’s one of the best investments you can make in your home. Connected security cameras are a much more effective security solution …

What Makes A Connected Smart Home Camera Better Than DIY Read More »

11 15 2019

IBS Electronics is Now An Avigilon Partner

IBS Electronics & Security, a security systems integration company with services throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut and the Atlantic Northeast is pleased to announce our official partnership with Avigilon, a premier video surveillance and communications company. Through our partnership with Avigilon as an authorized products dealer, IBS continues to expand our products and services portfolio, offering best …

IBS Electronics is Now An Avigilon Partner Read More »

Smart Home Video Doorbell

11 05 2019

5 Smart Things You Can Do With A Smart Doorbell Camera

The video doorbell is a great home security accessory. It allows you to see who is at the door of your home whether you’re at work, on vacation or stuck in traffic. Here are five more smart things you can do with a doorbell camera.
Smart Home Cameras

11 05 2019

Smart Home Cameras For Beginners: What You Need To Know

Often, homeowners investing in home security will begin with a monitored alarm. The alarm is a critical part of a security system; however, the home security technology shouldn’t end there. By including smart home security cameras, you can get a lot more mileage out of your investment. Here’s what smart cameras enable you to do.
How to be a Security Superhero this Halloween

11 05 2019

How to be a Security Superhero this Halloween

Did you know that October is Crime Prevention Month? It makes sense to place a big focus on preventing crime right before Halloween, the unofficial kickoff to the start of the holiday season. People are beginning to place orders for packages, be out of the house for social events, and maybe even be a little off their home security game. But as a homeowner who owns a smart home security system, you can be the superhero of your block this Halloween – no costume necessary. With your system and your personal smartphone, here’s what you’ll be able to do.

10 29 2019

Upgrades to the IBS Electronics & Security Client Portal

We’re making it easier to pay bills and submit service requests through the Client Portal on the IBS website. You may have noticed the changes, and they are all for your convenience.
Your Smart Home Security Checklist for the Fall

09 23 2019

Your Smart Home Security Checklist for the Fall

These smart home security add-ons can make family life simpler and more manageable this fall.
Security Necessities for Busy Parents Who Need Help Securing Their Home This Fall

09 10 2019

Security Necessities for Busy Parents Who Need Help Securing Their Home This Fall

Smart security lets you check in on the kids without bothering them. You can see live video using inside and outdoor cameras to see what's going on at home
The Best Home Security Features to Keep You Safe in September

09 02 2019

The Best Home Security Features to Keep You Safe in September

Schools back in and your schedule is out of control. A smart home security system can save your sanity and make sure you remain aware of your home’s security

08 22 2019

3 Approaches to Prepare Faculty for Campus Emergencies

The likelihood that your campus will encounter an active shooter or other type of emergency has increased, so don’t think that it can’t happen at your college or university. Here are a few approaches to help prepare your faculty to deal with a variety of emergency situations.
Be Proactive With Locking Down Campus Security

08 13 2019

Be Proactive With Locking Down Campus Security

While safety concerns have always been significant, colleges and universities today face a greater variety of potential incidents. Taking a proactive approach by educating and preparing staff ahead of time is crucial.
Campus Risk Assessments: A Quick Checklist

07 30 2019

Campus Risk Assessments: A Quick Checklist

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all solution to providing a safe environment for staff, faculty, and students. Here is a quick checklist to help you assess how secure your campus is so that you can create an accurate security plan.
How Gunshot Detection Technology Reduces Response Time to Violent Incidents

07 23 2019

How Gunshot Detection Technology Reduces Response Time to Violent Incidents

A variety of businesses, institutions, and agencies have started installing gunfire detection analytics such as cities, borders, airports, large venues, universities, and hotels. This technology has microphone sensor nodes that detect gunshots. The system immediately reports the location of the gunfire to law enforcement and security personnel once it detects it.
3 Campus Security Protocols That You Can Review Right Now

07 19 2019

3 Campus Security Protocols That You Can Review Right Now

Now is the time to evaluate your security plan and protocols while the students are out for the summer. Before you begin, contact your security integrator so that they can perform a campus risk assessment. These assessments provide valuable information on vulnerabilities and verify that all security equipment works correctly.


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